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Jeff Greenbaum, MD

Dr Jeff  is a board-certified, UCLA and Oregon Health Science University trained emergency physician and has lived in Jackson Hole for 24 years. He served as the medical director of the St John’s Health Emergency Department from 2010-2022. He has trained extensively in psychedelic medicine with a goal of focusing his clinical work on mental health. As our medical director, Dr. Jeff ensures our ketamine program is safe and supported by the most recent evidence. 

About Dr. Greenbaum

Dr. Jeff completed his medical degree at UCLA. He continued his training at Oregon Health Sciences University completing an Emergency Medicine Residency. As one of Jackson's veteran ER physicians, he has witnessed first-hand the ongoing mental health epidemic and need for effective, innovative solutions. He began to pursue clinical skills in Psychedelic medicine in 2018.  Dr Jeff is trained by the California Institute for Integral Studies (CIITS) where he completed a Certificate in Psychedelic Therapies and Research, currently the most comprehensive psychedelic medicine training program. He has also completed training with Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) in anticipation of MDMA being scheduled by the FDA for the treatment of PTSD in 2024. Along with over two decades of clinical experience, he is informed by Internal Family Systems and is currently training with the IFS Institute


Dr. Jeff currently practices ketamine assisted psychotherapy guiding individual sessions and integration sessions, medically assesses our patients prior to work with ketamine and has spearheaded our group-KAP effort. He also does extensive outreach work helping our team connect with the community and improve mental health and mental fitness in Teton County.


Dr. Jeff is an avid skier, mountain biker, white water kayaker, and mountaineer. He is the medical director for the Jackson Hole Ski Patrol, and Jackson Hole Mountain Patrol. When not at work he can be found in the mountains or on a river.

Education & Training

  • California Institute for Integral Studies—CPTR 2023

  • Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU)

  • Residency in Emergency Medicine

  • UCLA School of Medicine: M.D.

  • Wake Forest University--Bowman-Gray School of Medicine

  • University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill: B.S. Public Health 

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