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Jennie West

Jennie West Worden has two decades of experience creating and maintaining management and finance protocols for professionals in the legal, real estate and mental health fields. She is also a life long practicing artist, in addition to private creative coaching, has taught arts workshops at the Andrew Freedman Home, Black Trans Liberation Kitchen, and The New Museum in New York City.

About Jennie

Jennie West Worden has nearly 2 decades of experience in boutique business office management, bookkeeping and high level personal assistance. Working with professionals in Law, Real Estate and Mental Health she has made a career designing and maintaining office and financial protocols for small businesses. 


Jennie is also a life long practicing artist and a creative polymath, establishing compound connections between fine art, intuitive empathy, music, and performance. Her compositions explore themes of love, spirituality, and the properties of color, which manifest the undulating energetic relationships between the artist, the subconscious and her creative power. Embedded in West’s multidisciplinary work is an artist’s probe into art as a self-discovery tool for connection and empowerment. Using established techniques from multiple disciplines, West develops methods of cross-pollination and maintains a systematic interdisciplinary practice. 


Jennie is committed to fostering the confidence of each individual who relies on the team at Spruce for their care. 

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